About Us


J.New Books publishes work from emerging writers of literary fiction; books that evoke emotion, take the reader places she hasn’t been and blur the line between reader and author, creating a trans-formative mind-meld across space and time.

As industry expert, Brooke Warner has pointed out “literary writers are not getting traditional publishing deals.” She defines literary works as “books of substance, that are more intellectual, typically better written, and stylistically more sophisticated,” and goes onto to point out that although these works used to be celebrated by mainstream culture, today, “ they’re the least desirable projects for agents and editors. Even those who love them can’t afford to take them on. Agents can’t sell them because publishers can’t justify their publication. This week I had lunch with an agent friend who expressed her frustration that the best manuscripts she’s representing simply aren’t selling to traditional publishers.”

Our goal is to help remedy this situation, if only on a small scale. We aim to publish twelve works of literary fiction a year; smart books for intelligent people.


Joshua lorenzo newett

Joshua is heading up J.New Books as director of operations/lead editor. In addition he is a lecturer at the Korean Naval Academy in Jinhae, Republic of Korea, an author and a bibliophile. He has authored three novels, Saving Bill Murray, In Remembrance of Things Lost, and The Oenophiles and his stories have been published in places such as Maudlin House, The Garfield Lake Review, and High Planes Register(forthcoming). He enjoys literary fiction with an existential bent. His area of academic study is the intersection of East Asian politics, identity and culture creation, and East Asian history.


Paul John adams

Paul John Adams is an our line editor, an author, and a one-time papabile. He directed the surrealist film The Oachman, spent eighteen months hustling up dollars at small-stakes poker tables in Tunica Mississippi, and then—after failing in his bid to become pope—he hired a seagull and a crow to put a hit on Pope Francis's doves of peace. Paul then fled to Busan, South Korea, and united with the Gyeongju Kim clan to found a new dynasty. He wrote the gangland novel Metarules of the S·M·F and the novel of extreme psychopathology To Fail With Flying Colors. He has made audience members weep with fear and rage at poetry readings and other public outbursts. Check out Optional Books to learn more about his writing and editing.