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Fleeing America

 I think of the talented, smart people I know living out lives of silent desperation, forced to work at jobs they despise to make ends meet. I read statics on the staggering rates of incarceration, murder, and gun crime and their correlation to socioeconomic status. I see an America that has forgotten about class to argue about gender pronouns and bathrooms, people who should be united under a common banner spewing hatred and vitriol toward one another. I see a wasted dream, a country that could set the bar high, provide for its citizens an unheralded standard of living. A country that had the chance to offer equality of opportunity, a basic standard of living for all its citizens. Instead, unchecked greed has created two Americas. I dream that one day the country of my birth will get its act together, that my family and I will be able to return to a nation where firearms aren’t ubiquitous, healthcare is considered a human right, and all Americans are guaranteed a certain standard of living. Until that time I’ll remain a man without a country.

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