Photo by    Janko Ferlič

Photo by Janko Ferlič


Launching in July 2019


Hello! My name is Joshua Lorenzo Newett and I’m heading up J.New Books as operations director. In addition I am a lecturer at the Korean Naval Academy in Jinhae, Republic of Korea as well as an author and a bibliophile . A bit about our mission:

J.New Books will publish work from emerging writers of literary fiction; books that evoke emotion, take the reader places she hasn’t been and blur the line between reader and author, creating a trans-formative mind-meld across space and time.

As industry expert, Brooke Warner has pointed out “literary writers are not getting traditional publishing deals.” She defines literary works as “books of substance, that are more intellectual, typically better written, and stylistically more sophisticated,” and goes onto to point out that although these works used to be celebrated by mainstream culture, today, “ they’re the least desirable projects for agents and editors. Even those who love them can’t afford to take them on. Agents can’t sell them because publishers can’t justify their publication. This week I had lunch with an agent friend who expressed her frustration that the best manuscripts she’s representing simply aren’t selling to traditional publishers.”

Our goal is to help remedy this situation, if only on a small scale. We aim to publish twelve works of literary fiction a year. Many publishers are still using antiquated methods to sell and market their work. We’re partnering with top digital influencers and are building a tech-savvy sales and marketing team to ensure our books reach a large audience; we’re publishing smart books for intelligent people.